Deleting Session On Closing Browser Tab

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Hei all,,, please help me ,,,

1. How i can close opened tab / window (not popup) in firefox ...
2. Deleting session on this tab when we close it ...

My Logout script :

  1. <? require_once("config.php");
  2. $unique_id = session_id();
  3. session_regenerate_id();
  4. $qry="delete from cart_table where unique_id='$unique_id'";
  5. mysql_query($qry);
  6. $_SESSION = array();
  7. session_unset();
  8. session_destroy();
  9. header("Location:index.php");
  10. ?>
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Probably that is not possible but you can have a time out which should do the job
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window.close() does not help you?
you don't want it in html?

deleting session on a tab?
that should happen