How to define MSWIN

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Hello All,

My name is Jason Woodside. I am new to this site and new to C\C++. Thank you for having me!

I am experimenting with C\C++ in particular "Blaze C" and trying to program a handheld PC. I'm receiving compile errors when using header files whose functions are wrapped in extern "C". I was told by the developer of the header files that I must define MSWIN, MSWIN32 and MSWINDLL in my environment in order to make the symbols expand correctly. Hmm. Does anyone know what that means and how I should go about actually doing that?

Thank you for your support.
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He means you need to define the symbols. In some compilers that refers to the -D option, for example -DMSWIN would define MSWIN, so that the code "#ifdef MSWIN" would evaluate TRUE. You'll need to check the compiler documentation for how to define symbols at the command line.