Deep Sleep - A 3D FPS game I am working on...

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Not Open Source

Screen Shot so far...

See <<Link Dropped>> SEE SIGNITURE for more screeny's, Videos and downloads.

Deep sleep is a 3D first person shooter (FPS) by Virtual World phsycological thriller game I am working on, the story is based around a person who has a horrific car accident as has ended up in a coma, but, what really happens whilst you're in a coma? this person has ended-up in a strange place, a place where there are no boundries, no law, no logic or reason, a place where technological capabillities are far superior to what we know today, a place which seperates the men from the mice, a place where you have to actually use your brain in order to progress, face artificially intelligent opponents who will stop at nothing, unlock conspirasies ... and you better be carefull, as if you die in your coma, you'll never wake up again!


Technical stuff:

Core engine(s)

DirectX 9



Self developed AI and Physics engine

Target platform Windows 32

C, C++, xml

Self played character voices

Random models from external resourses including my own

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Looks really nice and also please confine links to your signatures only please.
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Ok sorry about that :P did you download the progress? either way I need to update the progress as it's out-of-date.
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If it's not open source why should we contribute our time for free?