how to solve this error.I am trying to read each character from a file and want to display it on console window.But could display the result in visual studio 2008(VC++).I am getting the debug assertion failed !!.could you please let me know where i went wrong.
here is my code :
#include "stdafx.h"
int main()
	FILE* fp;
	char c;
	fp=fopen("21-11-11.txt","r");//open the specific file in read mode
	if(fp==NULL)//if the file doesnt conatins any thing or nullvalues return the below statement
		printf("File not Found!!");//file not fonde in console window.
			c=fgetc(fp);// get each character from file
			putchar(c);// print each character 
		}while(c!=EOF); //check until the end of file
	fclose(fp);//close the file
please any suggestion to resolve this issues :debug assertion failed" in VC++

Thanks in advance

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