Dbcc checkdb help

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Hi guys

Can you people list all the DBCC CHECKDB codes to repair a database.

I have consistency errors, I have run the DATA_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS, it fixed a couple but I still have some.
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DBCC CHECKDB - Check the allocation, and integrity of all objects in a database.

         [( 'database' | database_id | 0
              [ , NOINDEX 
             [ALL_ERRORMSGS ] [ , NO_INFOMSGS ] [ , TABLOCK ]
                [, ESTIMATEONLY ] [ , { PHYSICAL_ONLY | DATA_PURITY } ]

   NOINDEX        - Skip intensive checks of nonclustered indexes for user tables
   REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS - Try to repair all reported errors.
   REPAIR_REBUILD - Perform all repairs that can be performed without risk of data loss.
   ALL_ERRORMSGS  - Return all reported errors per object, default = first 200 errors.
   TABLOCK        - Obtain locks instead of using an internal database snapshot. 
                    this limits the checks that are performed.
   ESTIMATEONLY   - Display the estimated amount of tempdb space that would be required.
   PHYSICAL_ONLY  - Limits the checking to the integrity of the physical structure
   DATA_PURITY    - Check the database for column values that are not valid or out-of-range.