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How to use DataGridView from MFC Appl in VS2008

Discussion in 'MFC' started by Din Attarwala, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Din Attarwala

    Din Attarwala New Member

    I have ported a MFC VC++6 Appl to VS2008. I would like to be able to use DataGridView from the MFC appl.
    Is there a way to use DataGridView without having to create a WindowsFormsApplication?
    If not, how do I convert the MFC appl to first WindowsFormsApplication so that then I can use DataGridView.
  2. Cosmic_egg

    Cosmic_egg New Member

  3. Din Attarwala

    Din Attarwala New Member

    To: CosmicEgg
    Many thanks. In fact I was having problem with an old site of codeproject.com in downloading. Your site ref is good.
    This will greatly help.
    Appreciate it very much.

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