Data Entry Job offered without Investment!

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Google is offering Genuine Data Entry job to you directly!
Data will be in java script format. Just Copy that Data Script & Make Entry in FREE Websites. We train you to create even Free Websites!
You can earn upto Rs800/day in this Genuine Online Data Entry Job!
Work for 2hrs/day in this Ad Data Entry Job!
Get Paid directly from Google by CITI Bank Cheque!
Complete Training Provided for this typical Ad Data Entry Job!

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I removed the Google check scanned image.

It looks an offer for creation of MFA sites which is not permissible here.

What you are talking about is virtually not possible unless you are owner of Google because Google will not pay to the persons name unless he has the adsense account.
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please send me the link..
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I am looking 4r data entry jobs without investments plz help me with the link
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Please keep everything here. Thread closed.