Our Custom Monitoring Agent written in Perl

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Hello All,

i need small help with the attached perl file since its giving me an error message "
LOG can't opendir : A file or directory in the path name does not exist. at Base24XMLLogfilter.pl line 26."

the attached file is created for a monitoring agent on a monitoring software called Foglight which is suppose to read the XML file and send the data to the monitoring software to put the data on a some sort of a dashboard for the Support guys to read and respond in case if there is any errors logged.

kindly help me out to identify why the file is generated such an error message.
thanks and regards,
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sorry forgot the attached file
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@Enrique2k the error message is self explanatory, the directory which is being tried to be opened on line 26 does not exists, please check if you are using the correct path or not.