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Discussion in 'Unix' started by harimagic, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. harimagic

    harimagic New Member

    Hi all,

    Actually I use to go through with project codes. When I run
    ctags -R. it created one ctags file in the current directory. But actually there are some sub directories, When I open .c file on sub directory and when I place a cursor before function and click ^] this one is not going to respective function on sub directory file and showing that ctag not found.

    Please help me as early as possible.

  2. dharmaraj.guru

    dharmaraj.guru New Member


    Open the files from the directory in which tags file exists. Then only, tags will work properly. If you open any file from a directory which does not have the tags file, it will not work at all.

    ||| Dharma |||
  3. rashida.par

    rashida.par New Member

    i didnt understand

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