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Want to create a website for my company. Need Help!!!

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by kristisarah, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. kristisarah

    kristisarah New Member

    I am working in an advertising company and I want to establish a website for my company. I am little bit nervous about fake companies which take money early and not complete your work at time. Anyone please suggest me any company which can make a website for me and ask for the money after the completion of the work.
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    If you are trying to outsource use escrow websites like RentACoder.com / Elance.com which are some of the best when it comes to escrow.
  3. LenoxFinlay

    LenoxFinlay Banned

    It sounds like you don't know too much about web design yourself, so it might be best if you found a professional company or designer to do it...a couple of my friends recently started up a company and wanted to get a website up too...I'm not sure which company they're going with but their top choices were.
  4. jeklin

    jeklin Banned


    Gone are the decades when advertising was predominantly done using only the television, radios, and newspapers. Nowadays, advertising can also be done using the Internet. In fact, many businesses prefer to advertise online because of the huge number of Internet users who may be potential customers. Websites serve as an opportunity for many businesses to advertise and make the public know about their products and services. Websites also serve as a means to attract new customers especially those who are fond of going online. Hence, many businesses invest in the creation of websites in order to enjoy the benefits that they offer.

  5. webdeveloperr

    webdeveloperr New Member

    hi i am also a developer, i also has same issue with my web sites, Because i don't able to handle all for myself. You can go for these guys these are really supportive for me. I wish you may get some good stuff there.

  6. enerst

    enerst Banned

    Hello All,

    Please reply me for tools i want to be buy toosl or if any body know who can be supplying me good smtp, any good type of mailer and email leads fresh ones please give my email to the person please the person must be sombody with good tools, pals and sincere i will do more things with the person after get his reply via yahoo chat my email is (jaccy_luv@yahoo.com)

    I really need genuine persons.

    Thanks and God bless you all hackers as you contribute and help me.

    King Enerst
  7. whitecraze

    whitecraze New Member

    You can check the services of DC Global. Check this site dcglobal.us

    They have services like site development, website graphic designing and web hosting that I'm sure will be helpful for your company.
    Good luck
  8. sahaya

    sahaya New Member

    you can try this site tucktail.com to create your own website.
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  9. salnazi

    salnazi New Member

    I can develop website for you ppls. Feel free to contact my email id at salnazi@gmail.com
  10. adumpaul

    adumpaul Banned

    Webflysoftware is a leading web design and web development company in india.Webflysoftware produces high quality and standard website with affordable price.
  11. michaeljohn

    michaeljohn Banned

    Today, in the market Packers Movers Industry is booming, just a make a website in html. Html is friendly website of google.

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