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How to create Antivirus software

Discussion in 'Engineering Concepts' started by nurul, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. xpi0t0s

    xpi0t0s Mentor

    oh plz plz plz waah plz waaaaah plz plz try reading the thread dingbat

    as for some project idea, how about some webside software that detects posts from idiots who can't be bothered to do their own research and automatically deletes them
  2. diego_manee_it

    diego_manee_it New Member

    uhmmmm. What books should i read in order to start the first step in making AV?
  3. diego_manee_it

    diego_manee_it New Member

    what is thread dingbat?
  4. diego_manee_it

    diego_manee_it New Member

    what is a thread dingbat? is that a book?
  5. agnal

    agnal New Member

    what is the steps to start learn how to make simple anti-virus or in another word what is the book i should read to develop my skills to make it in one of days.
  6. Delta00Zero

    Delta00Zero New Member

    I know this in an old thread but I came across this in a google search... I am very interested in learning the structure and behavior of a virus and anti-virus... I am very skilled at quickly dispatching of a virus manually once I am aware of it being on my computer... I would like to create a program that will detect a program that I did not authorize it running and notify me... then I would like to give it permission to follow protocol for "disabling" or otherwise kill the virus...

    Anyone maybe know how that would be possible
  7. Anand Dargad

    Anand Dargad New Member

    I am student of engg. .I try to create anti virus for the project .please give your ideas for project it will help me for project .
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  8. Delta00Zero

    Delta00Zero New Member

    Wow, after so long I was beginning to think the post was to never be read.

    Anyways... I won't be on this site much so for ease of contact, please email me at Dark.Empire.Ruler@gmail.com

    Thank you for your time.
  9. JohnAadam

    JohnAadam New Member

    There is no thing like total security even if you have created a prototype of a antivirus you will need to update its latest virus definition and ho how will anyone get all the source code of virus or other malwares. I will help you in creating program but not sure whether it will properly work or not .
  10. Delta00Zero

    Delta00Zero New Member

    Whatever works I guess... but yeah, I have thought about the virus definitions thing. Would it be possible to make it read from the virus list of other antivirus programs?
  11. JohnAadam

    JohnAadam New Member

    No ... It will not read other virus definition list of different antivirus
  12. Delta00Zero

    Delta00Zero New Member

    ugh... knew it wouldn't be that easy. Well... doesn't hurt to ask right?
  13. iconic091

    iconic091 Banned

    First of all you need to know how’s viruses works btw im also interesting on how can i make AV software.
  14. TerryTET

    TerryTET New Member

    It's very hard task - to create own antiviruses. Ten thousands of viruses daily you need to add to database, if you need good antivirus. Best way, to use some antivirus SDK, our other libraries. Just google it's. Simple search found for example this (SDK with examples and sources): antivirus.zillyaoem.com
  15. Hi everyone.

    This will be a long reply however I am sure many who are interested in Antivirus development will/may appreciate it, considering I am currently developing a Anti-virus system myself.

    Firstly, you cannot just make a Antivirus. Straight up, it requires a lot of effort, skill (not just in Programming, but; Graphic design, Marketing ...), and lots of time dedicated to it.

    The Programming Languages you will be required to have at least 2 - 5+ years in to even start to attempt a project like this are: Assembly (32-bit), C, C++, and others like Python are welcome to be included.

    To make a Antivirus you don't just need to know how to code, you need to know how malware works and how to actually make malware to understand it. You need to study it - of course, not release malware but learn how to make it for educational purposes. You will also require great knowledge deep into the Windows API from kernel32.dll for example to learn how to do things like "suspend" processes (you cannot suspend a process. You can only suspend the "threads" in a process. See, you learnt something new there, didn't you?).

    I would use Assembly/C for the drivers, and possibly C for the User Interface as well if you can. I would also use the help of C++ for some things. Python can be included but it really depends on what you want to do with it.

    Secondly, you will require a database of virus/malware definitions. These will need to be updated reguarly to ensure that your customers are safe from zero-day infections. You can contact VirusTotal, owned by Google, to receive samples like other vendors like Norton, Bitdefender, Emsisoft etc for them.

    You will need to be able to analyse malware, and make a application to analyse it for you.

    You will need to make a fully functional behaviour blocker to detect zero-day threats which are not in your database. For example, if a application is attempting to add itself to startup (registry), you will need to suspend the threads in that process, alert the user and depending on what they want, remove the keys from the registry and destroy the file in the sequence: kill it from memory, delete it afterwards.

    With the behaviour blocker, you need to detect when another process is attacking another, or killing it from memory with functions like TerminateProcess. You need to use lots of API hooking, etc. Stop injections as well.

    It's a very complicated task, making a Anti-virus/Anti-Malware product and I highly suggest you just buy another antivirus product instead of trying to make your own because it is not only cheaper but easier. Unless you have the expertise/skill, the time and are dedicated and ready to make one, which you aren't because you asked this question, especially on a forum, just buy a AV and not try to make one or further develop one because it's like teaching a lama to drive, which won't happen.

    Of course there is a LOT more, like making it light on RAM and CPU usage, quarantine (and locking the files from use whilst Quarantined), a toolbox full of tools, filesystem scanner which has permissions to readonly locations as well including Recycling bin etc, low level C and drivers, system services and self-defense protection modules, Anti-rootkit/Anti-keylogger, and possibly Internet Security as well with a Firewall and Web protection...

    Thank you.
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  16. He could also try Bitdefender engine or Avira engine. They are award winning (well Bitdefender is, not sure about Avira) and well known.

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