Could not crack the top 1000 in google

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I'm the webmaster of

I've copied some content and linking strategies from a few other websites in an effort to emulate thier ranking successes.

So far I am doing well on yahoo, msn, altavista etc but not even cracking the top 1000 in google.

i was wondering if anyone sees anything i am doing that is poison to google? perhaps the funding definitions are too much and look like keyword spamming?

Any suggestions or comments appreciated.

Mike C
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I saw the codes and yes its very bad coding. You have twice the meta section once before head and other after and that can cause all the problems.

Also the code is not very optimize and do let me know the keywords.

Also you can see the following threads for better ranking in Search engines.

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Really may be you right,
i think we have to discuss more over this topic,any way thanks for information
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Yep, your lists of terms definitely look like spam. They might also scare off your customers because it does not look very professional.
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Hain plebius,
i am really can't able to understand what you want to say.
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The problem is that you are not even cached/indexed by google!! O my.. Isulong Seoph