C++ RAT/Trojan port use help

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Hey i have nearly learned abit of C++, i know how to make stuff such as windows, and buttons, and thier functions, but supposing i make a rat, or a trojan, and i want the reverse conection method, while inserting the code for it, what port shall i specify?

Rite now, im registerd with: No-Ip.com, and i have now got a hostname with my current ip address. When i choose the port, i don't want to port forward (please tell me if this is important) or just correct me, because i am behind a "ROUTER". So i just want it simple.

So, just, what port can i do it on? when im listening for connections?
For example, if a port is not being used in my network, such as port: 12342, and if that port is free, can i put that in my code, to listen on that?- and if i do use that port, would i have to do a port forward?
Im thinking of no because that port is not being used right? (again please correct me if im wrong).
K and iv got the host name, making the rat, just need to know about ports... Thanks
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Go4Expert isn't a site about trojans, viruses and so on. This site is about helping people, not about making them miserable by f*cking up their computers. Go find some underground site and ask them how to do this stuff. Better still, learn to make good programs, not bad ones.

Take this as a warning - I'll report you next time I see a post like this.