C++ Program spammer

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Ok, i wanted to learn how a C++ program would interact with other programs, like hows it done and so on but i have no clue, so i wanted to make a c++ program that would be something like a spammer for practice, (and yes actully for practice and not to annoy people because i feel that creating programs is the best way to learn and ive aways wanted to know how people do this).
So for example a ventirlo spammer, cause we get alot of spammers, like 50 people called guest1 joining in the time line of 30 seconds.

But i have no damn clue on how to do so. I mean ok i can code basic in c++ but i have no idea how to link a program with another program and then how to keep connecting to the program. The only thing i figured out is that by setting a target path. at -m at the end, allows you to reopen the same program. So i was wondering if anyone knew the perfect tut to do this, or teach me or point me in the right direction in order to do so.

Thank you very much <3 TriG
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well i have not read vary far into it but i think you need to start with reading into how sockets work. although i could be wrong. i think from what i have readed sockets allow programs to "talk" to one anouther. i could be wrong. but i think you should start there.

and i do <3 triG, lol
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haha thanks CPU <3 yea i got into the direction of shell exectue but will defo check out how socket works amn sexy boy