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im basically suppose to create a car rental programme...ive done some of it but stuck on a particular area...i think i need to send u my coding so u can try to assist me ...im stuck on this particular area

#include "Customer.h"
#include "Car.h"
#include "Invoice.h"

void main()
Invoice Order;
The idea is that the clerk should be able to ask the customer for the starting date to rent the car and the project date of the end of lease. Of course, you (the programmer) must calculate the number of days, find out if the date range falls on a week-end or on a week days. If the date range is more than 5 days, the rate should be lower than that of 5 days, which should be lower than the rate for 3 days; in fact the rate should even be lower if the customer wants the car for 20 days or more, which would apply a (low) monthly rate.
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