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c++ handle help?

Discussion in 'C++' started by tootypegs, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. tootypegs

    tootypegs New Member

    Hi basically i have a program that gets a handle on a USB device lusing '\\\\?\\e:' but i want to be able to get a handle on it using its device instance id 'STORAGE\REMOVABLEMEDIA\7&324ACC50&0&RM:'

    How do i impliment this, i have tried the following below and it just doesnt work but i guessed it wouldnt be this easy, any ideas????????? any help would be apreciated!!?

    HANDLE hRead = CreateFile(
    (" \\\\.\\STORAGE\REMOVABLEMEDIA\7&324ACC50&0&RM:"),

    Thank you! :)

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