Why in C++, Empty structure has size 1 byte and In C, 0 byte?

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In C++ , size of empty structure is 1 byte where in C, size of structure is zero?

As per my knowledge, If you will take array of n objects of any structure then where there distinguish so they have taken size atleast one byte, But this rule should apply to same in C also. Can you give me some proper answer?
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When structure is introduced in C, that time there is no concept of Object. So C standard commette(C99) decided to keep zero size of empty structure.

In C++, Size of empty structure/class will be one byte bcoz.

struct Test
void Disp( void );

int main()
Test tObj;
return 0;
To call function atleast empty structure should have some size i.e. one byte. But there is no concept of member function in structure in C.