I want to change the Java code into C++. I have tried it but its not that easy for me as a Java newbie.
Pls. help me out. Thanks!
I am sorry for posting in the wrong Forum.
public class Ringing { 
  private Nextdoor door; 
  public Ringing(Nextdoor door) { 
    this.door = door; 
  public void findout(Bite bite) { 
    System.out.println("   Ringing: ‘" + 
      bite.getMusic() + "’ hearing"); 
    List leftBite = door.getLeftBite(); 
    for (Iterator i = leftBite.iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) { 
      Bite allowedBite = (Bite)i.next(); 
      if (allowedBite.equals(bite)) { 
    System.out.println("You are not allowed inside."); 

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