need a c++ compiler

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i just installed fedora 8 and so far i love it, i am figuring stuff out at a fair rate but one thing i cant find is a c++ compiler that will run on fedora. or does it come with on or what? please can some on tell me where i can get one or what i can do.
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gcc should be there
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Search for the string

'rpm gcc for fedora 8'

you will get desired results, then either u can download rpm from that site or else just copy the name of rpm and check it in your installation disk, then install it.
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i followed "dont know's" info and i found a site and it told me to go "yum install compat-gcc-34 compat-gcc-34-c++" so i did, the thing downloaded and installed but when i entered "gcc34" or "g++34" like it told me, it did not run. how can i run this program?
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fedora will come with a bundle of software within it. and it can be installed using the package manager. U don't need to use any commands for that. look for package manager. in debian "Synaptic package manager" is there. but i don't know about fedora. try it.