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A couple of questions bout VB, VBScript VB.NET, etc

Discussion in 'Visual Basic ( VB )' started by rai_gandalf, May 2, 2006.

  1. rai_gandalf

    rai_gandalf New Member

    Hi. I am a Second Year Computer Engg student, who has a pretty good background in C/C++ programming, but otherwise, programming illiterate.

    Anyways, I wanted to update myself by learning VB. So, here are a couple of questions to which I need some answers :

    1. I hav got VB.NET, infact I hav got the entire .NET Framework software (whereas I don't have a VB 6.0 IDE). I also know that conventional VB & VB.NET are revolutionary different. If so, is it necessary to learn conventional VB before VB.NET?? Suppose I learn VB, then would it be easier/difficult to adapt to VB.NET?? Also, what does today's programmer rely upon - Good old VB or VB.NET?? And for a beginner, which is easier??

    2. Also, could u recommend some books for learning/beginning/mastering VB & VB.NET
    Also, Please recommend some E-book-sites from which I can get a soft-copy of the

    3. Also, what's the difference between VB & VBScript?? (I know that VBScript is nothing but VB embedded in an HTML page along with a Web document, but some more details on this would be welcome)

    Any information on the above will be very much appreciated.

    Rajiv :)
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Here I go

    If you know C++ VB will be just like a piece of cake.
    [thread=21]VB Resources[/thread]
    VBScript is MS stretch towards competing with JavaScript but even the MS sites have JavaScript and Not VBScript.

    I would suggest instead of going through VB 6 - VB.NET path go for C# path in .NET as you have some basics about C domain under your grasp and learning VB is just matter of hours.
  3. rai_gandalf

    rai_gandalf New Member

    As always, Shabbir to the rescue!! Only, the rescued, here is not a damsel in distress!!

    Anyways, THX A LOT 4 the suggestions. Will take into account all of what u said.
    Also, THX 4 the info. This forum really is good.

    Rajiv :) :D
  4. cng0010

    cng0010 New Member

    love vb
  5. dilipv

    dilipv New Member

    hi there,

    Does anyone knows how to send and retrieve the values of asp controls without loading the whole page, one values must be modified.is there any method to do so, or anything else.

    Any reply to this topic is most appreciable.

    Thank you
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  6. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    dilipv, Just an off topic comment that please use signature to put link to your sites and not in posts
  7. Xintruder

    Xintruder New Member

    I learned vb.net before pascal. Hell its easy. Pascal is hell.
    Can I say vb.net is new, VB is older and outdated?

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