i am reading an .mdf file (sql server 2000 file) in raw format.
i have a value a datetime value of "f913e300 939b0000"(big endian) which represents value "Jan 16 2009 1:46PM".I had used Coledatetime class to convert this hex value to date time.Its giving me the right date but the time is incorrect.Here is what i tried to do.

Code: C++
int date_part = "1st 4 bytes of 8 byte date time value";//0x00009b93
int time_part = "next 4 bytes of 8 byte date time value"//0x00e313f9/1000

COleDateTime startOnDate(1900, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0);

startOnDate += COleDateTimeSpan(date_part, 0, 0, time_part);

CString buffer = startOnDate.Format();

I'm i going wrong somewhere.Is there any alternate way of doing this?
Any help would be appreciated.