How to convert a number between 0-9 to Char

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Hello again

I'm generating a random number between 0 and 9
I want to assign that number to a character so I can store it in a character array;

something like
if i = 3
c = '3';

if i =4
c = '4'

but smarter way
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Directly assigning should do the job for you.

char c = i;
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add the ascii value to it................
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if (i>=0 && i<=9) c=i+'0';
Or just generate random numbers between '0' and '9'.
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Thanks for the tip...yes rand()%10 + '0' works
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use dynamic cast
for example
int a;
char b;
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yes, but will that convert 0x00000000 to '0', which is what the OP wanted, or will it convert it to 0x00?