conversion of xml to csv in C/C++/C# on Unix platform

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Hi Everyone,

I 'm new to this Forum.So atleast at first time I do expect a better answer from ur side.This 'll be a great help to me!!!!.Please can anyone help me to write a code in C/C++/C# on Unix platform to convert xml files to csv(comma seperated)(Basically I do have 6 xml files and I do need to write a global code to convert all these xml files to csv).I do want this answer early as I need to complete this work in next 2 days.

Your intelligent answers r welcome.

Thanks & Regards,
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How far have you got and where are you stuck?
Do you understand the requirements?
How do you intend to convert the XML tree-like structure into a CSV-style tabulated structure?

Regarding your expectations, this is a free internet forum. You have not paid for this service and we are answering your questions out of the goodness of our own hearts. I'll help you but not write it for you (others may choose to do differently).