Controls cannot be made visible after a thread run

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I have a thread which runs a method. In that method i am making use of progressbar but after that method gets over that progress bar becomes invisible and eventhough i make them visible they does nto become visible.
 private void StartLoadProcess(string filePath) 
        _cancelButton.Visible = false; 
         Thread workerThread = new Thread(DoUploadProcess); 
        // Start the worker thread. 
        while (workerThread.ThreadState.ToString().ToLower() == "running") 
          _cancelButton.Visible = true; // making Button Visible 
          _cancelButton.Refresh(); // Invalidating it 
          _cancelButton.Focus(); // setting the focus 

        this._progressbarLabel.Visible = true; -------------------This code will not work at all 
        this._statusProgressBar.Visible = true; -------------------This code will not work at all 
        _cancelButton.Visible = true; 

        //Enable the timer to load the tree until the load is completed 
        this._timer.Enabled = true; 
        this._loadFileStatus.Visible = false; 
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That should not be happening. Have you seen if it causes an exception of type thread unsafe operation.

Also do use the code block for putting code in post.