Problem in connecting to mysql database

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hai everybody,

i am having the following infos of a site..

*php + mysql
*cPanel first:11.25.0-RELEASE_43473 latest:11.25.0-CURRENT_46156 Cpanel::ZoneFile::VERSION:1.3
*Cpanel Username

now the things i dont have is

*Cpanel password
*FTP access

i had tried many of the db conncting s/w..inroder to conect to the db. but everything is showing error due to invalid permission.. and if anybody who can give me an exact solutiin wil be much more helpful
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CPanel password is not same as MySQL password and you have to create a database with username and password in your CPanel.

Search for MySQL Database Wizard Icon in cpanel to create database and associate user to that database with needed permissions.
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You cant connect from cPanel's mysql database from external server . Only from localhost.

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