Connect to access database

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My room partner and i are making a project named 'online examination' in which we require to connect to access.
we are planning to get questions from records in access files.
but i don't know how to fetch records from access tables.
can you please help me.
i know it is not possible to learn database connectivity in a single answer.
but if you can suggest some methods, it will be helpful.
Also if you can suggest another way to get questions in the forms, please suggest.
Thanks a lot!
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Select * from Questions
should give you all the questions from the Questions table. Instead of going for such questions I would suggest you get hold of some books or an e-book at least.
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create a table that contains the different fields of the database, eg: question, option1,option2....,correct answer
In VB , create a function searching for the condition the the answer given by the user is correct or not