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Confiugring Web Server

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by noman_quraishi, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. noman_quraishi

    noman_quraishi New Member

    Well guys i think this is also a kind of web development so posting my query here ...

    I have made a cool web server which me & my all network guys can access locally by is my local ip address & 8001 is the port where my server is running ... Now i want to make this server accessible all over internet ..

    May be u`ll say to reg. it ... Wel li have did that too ... I have reg. a host name http://nomi.ath.cx & they auto detect my IP that is 221.113.223..112 some thing like that .. Now when i open this nomi.ath.cx another site opens not my server ... Can any one tell me how to resolve nomi.ath.cx to my local made server ..

    Well i am using proxy server & my gateway is .. is there any routers`s or port fwding involved?? I just need to configure it to my local web server so that my local made server can be accessible from all over net...

    Help plz ...
  2. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

    It's a NAT (Network Address Translation), the system running the web server should have a public IP address not a private IP address. Or else, you can configure your router to forward all requests to a computer on your private LAN.
  3. jwshepherd

    jwshepherd New Member

    since http://nomi.ath.cx is a subdomain of ath.cx you will need them to forward port 80 (http) to your external ip address (whatismyip.org). You will then need to open firewall to forward port 80 to your internal IP ( ) and port 8001.

    Right now nomi.ath.cx is pointing to If that is the correct Ip then you are halway there. There is also no reverse dns setup for that IP, so if you plan to send mail from that address it will most likely be blocked by PBL listing companies. Since you are running a web server you should also look at setting up a dns server to help resolve your domain names.
  4. noman_quraishi

    noman_quraishi New Member

    thts the point .. i dont have public Ip & the ip which dnndns.com detect is the IP of my ISP not mine.. Thats why when some one url to http://nomi.ath.cx it opens the default site of my ISP ... i dont know if i am connected to router ?? i`v use all combination of ip) , 221.113.116 (or external ip) , gateway of mine) in my browser but nothing happens i also type of default router to chk if i am having router but nothing happens some times page went to search or some time error .... Now how configure it to my local IP if i am behind proxy server ....

    Help plz .... ithink if i getta knowmy actualy ip behind proxy may can solve this prob....
  5. noman_quraishi

    noman_quraishi New Member

    well i think this is not my IP .... they auto detect this ip for me but if this is myip then my nomi.ath.cx resolve to another person`ssite??

    let say this is my ip then the remaining thing is toconfigure my router(if thre is) & fwd to port 8001..but howto configure ....?? Ihave tried all to chk myrouter but nothing happens .. help plz i am needy ....
  6. jwshepherd

    jwshepherd New Member is the address of your router ( most likely )

    221.113.116 is not a valid IP address

    You can check your external IP ( also known as Public IP ) by going to whatismyip.org
  7. noman_quraishi

    noman_quraishi New Member

    well I reg. at dyndns.com & with the IP address coz they auto detect it .. NOw i think i have to configure my router but how ?? i type all combinations of 192.168.1---24 , (my pvt ip) (default gatway) with http & without http coz many told me my gateway can be my router but no configuring options comes rather some times site goes to search & sometimes comes with error ..

    I think i have covered some steps coz when some one url to nomi.ath.cx my ISP`s site open which i can too access locally bu http// ..... I am amaze how this site can come is is the IP of this site?? Well i am too confused ... Need help

    If any one want i can give him my desktop access but just configure my web server with lots of thanx ...
  8. jwshepherd

    jwshepherd New Member

  9. noman_quraishi

    noman_quraishi New Member

    Hi SOrry i was away these days from net ..Listen i really need help but in our area net has been dc by some reason ... I`llbe on net by september & then pm u .. is logmein will be oke if i give u access to my desktop or it doesnt works??? Listn i dont know which kind of router em usin??? secondly after typing my gateway that is nohing happens even myfirewall is off?? How to configure my gateway or router then...FCUK the main forum of Abyss server through which i made my server also doesnt get to helpme .. Plz if any one of u can help me i really need to configure my server .,.,thanks
  10. jwshepherd

    jwshepherd New Member

    no problem. pm me when you get back online. in september. Did you buy the router? or did the isp give you one?
  11. noman_quraishi

    noman_quraishi New Member

    Hi All .. I once again need help ... I can give access to any one of you to my desktop plz configure my webserver for me here is the dat

    My Pvt Ip
    Dns Ip
    gateway :
    Firewall i off all
    webserver http://nomi.webhop.net

    NOw i cant view my own server when i typ[e http://nomi.webhop.net & secondly when i type it goes to google search page ... probably my gatway is my router i know its p.s & username but how to configure my router .. Help pl .. i wud be gr8full


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