Old Computer Project (ideas?)

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Ok, So I was digging around and found my old old old windows 95 computer. So I thought I'd just take out the HDD for a lil extra space and the trash the rest. Well the HDD is only 2gb. And not even worth formatting.

So I have a few Ideas on something to do with it.

The main idea I'm going towards is is a LAMP web server also with a email server along with it.
I'd use:


I'm not to sure though.

here's the things I have to work with:
WRT54G Router
95 computer with 2Gb hdd
working on getting a 30 GB HDD cause I know I'm gonna need more.

I also wanna use the router for something. Since I just got a New one. So yea, I'm needing some ideas.


And btw admins if this doesn't belong here than yea sorry, I just figured this wouldn't really fit under hardware nor OS's. But yea iunno.
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make a toaster. ^^
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Originally Posted by cpulocksmith
make a toaster. ^^

I think this is an awesome idea, make your pc a toaster.

i don't understand you. what are you talking about.