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compile c program from php page and save output

Discussion in 'PHP' started by gyanu, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. gyanu

    gyanu New Member

    We have built a code to compile C program from text area built in PHP. We have tried all the commands that could be used to compile the program,
    for example exec(), system() and even the shell_exec() commands.
    The problem is still that we are not getting the output. We are sending you the code, Kindly please suggest some solution.


    echo "hi its me lalit kumar mishra";
    $t1=$_GET['t1']; // $t1 is file name of user file.

    $t2 .= '.o'; // we are creating the filename with .o extension

    $j="cd /home/wipro;"; // where the program exist.

    $s ="$j"." gcc -c $t1"; // t1 is user filename with .c extension
    $ss="$j"." gcc -o $t2 $t1"; // t2 is filename with .o extension
    $sss="$j"." ./$t2"; // getting output of c program

    echo "Output of Program= $var1";


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