Commision Junction Pixel Requires Hard Code - Not Sure What the hell to do

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Hello All,

I'm about to pull my hair out dealing with this pixel. This is the information CJ has given me.

The OID (order ID) is a unique alphanumeric ID that needs to be generated on your end, and will be assigned to each unique transaction that occurs. If the OID is not unique, meaning if our system detects a duplicate OID for another transaction, the second transaction will be ignored, which is why it is important that unique OIDs are generated for each transaction (in your case, for each lead form that is completed and
submitted) and

What I would suggest doing for your OID, is hardcoding a time and date stamp into the pixel to act as the OID.

When you do this, you must exclude any symbols (colons, slashes, periods, etc) from the time/date stamp, and have the time be recorded all the way down to the millisecond. Since it will be extremely rare (if it happens at all) that two transactions will occur within the same millisecond, it will create a unique number to act as the OID for each lead that is submitted.

I have no idea what this means or how to do it.

Here's an example of a pixel.

EM1=lead&AMT1=0&QTY1=1&CURRENCY=USD& METHOD=IMG" height="1" width="20">

Someone please help, I am at my wits end.
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I swear i will paypal whoever tells me what to do $10.
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It looks like you are registering yourself as a vendor in CJ. To track sales/leads CJ needs to identify each sale/leads and it is just asking to provide a unique number to each of those sales/leads.

Do you store the sales/leads in some kind of database? You can even use the database id as OID.
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Yes, i need a unique order ID for each order processed. I do not know what to do...i have tried everything.