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How To Make Combo/Multi Batch Command

Discussion in 'Windows' started by DarkSlayersXX, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. DarkSlayersXX

    DarkSlayersXX New Member

    Hello I'm New Here....I Want To KnoW About Batch Command....i got alot mp3 and i want to manage it all just using a batch command if it's that possible?Like Using
    copy+ren how to do that....btw can i use command like copy the source mp3 file and then paste it as a following code like <Artist> - <Title>.....huhu plz help me ty
  2. DarkSlayersXX

    DarkSlayersXX New Member

    ohh btw can give me batch command site so i can learn it by myself.....if u teach me i will be better huhu:D

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