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Clickbank + Adwords

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by coderzone, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. coderzone

    coderzone Super Moderator

    Many articles say that you can promote Clickbank products using Adwords PPC campaigns but I am not able to get my ads approved in Adwords and I have tried everything like

    1. Using Domain masking to have my own domain showing Clickbank Product
    2. Redirect from my own site with display url as my site as well as vendors site
    3. Directly Clickbank hop link

    Can anyone let me know how they are promoting Clickbank products in Google Adwords?
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    If you are trying to promote someone's product in Clickbank, there are chances that their url is banned in Google Adwords and that could be one reason you cannot promote their products.

    The gist of the story is in 2012, you are not allowed to promote affiliate offers in Adwords or to an extent in Facebook as well and so Clickbank sites can only be promoted if you are a product owner and not by affiliates.

    This does not mean you actually cannot promote Clickbank products but you have to do it in a round about manner.

    You have to promote your sales page where you don't actually sale anything but grab users email address into your Autoresponder and then use the autoresponder to promote offers related to the list.

    I hope this helps you earn from Clickbank
  3. rutu12

    rutu12 New Member

    Clickbank, everybody knows about it. However, only few would know how to make money with it. Clickbank program has been a mystery and only few marketers have been able to unlock this mystery.

    If your trying to earn money from ClickBank affiliates You need to know that
    This is mainly for experienced marketer
    In this hardcore selling part comes
    Understanding customers
    Promotion platforms
    SOftware tools
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    I think this will help you to understand why you are not getting success in your clickbank

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