Choosing a compiler

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Hello everyone, I am student of IT, I am currently on first semester. I know basics of C programming. There is Java programming in my third semester, so I want to prepare for it. I don't know which compiler my college will suggest me but in order to practice I want help from you all to choose a simple one to begin basics of Java. And also it would be helpful if you suggest me any books to start.
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you dont have to worry about the compiler since oracle jdk 's compiler would be the one there [there are other GNU ones too but the official one is always better] you can download it from there site

try java complete reference
or beginners guide to java [like thing]

java kind of has a similarity in syntax with C but the concepts are far different so dont mix up
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Hie,Java Development Kit(JDK)is a Java IDE for programmers and software developers. It is a useful for creating cross platform Java applications for mobile, web, enterprise and desktop. Its main features are Java debugger, javap, java byte code compiler, javac and many more.This is useful and is must for Java programmer.It has the best compiler in it to remove the errors from code.
Other one is Net Beans IDE,which too is good for compiling and is best for software Developers.