Change from .net to IOS

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Im a .net developer with 8+ years of experience working with, Wcf, c# etc. I now got a chance to move to iphone/ipad application development. I'm not sure whether
to change my technology at this point of time in my career, because i feel if i continue in .net there are chances that I may get a lead role.. but again I'm not sure of the scope and future of of .net, it is old technology with so many people and competition for growth is also high. On the other hand IOS is a latest technology.. and I believe there will be good scope for growth etc.. but if i change technology i may again start afresh all my experience will not be considered.. can any body guide me making a right move?
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I don't see a reason to be pursuing .net technologies if you are not growing as a developer but only growing in companies with bigger role and paychecks because one day that can get over and you may hit a big road block.

Developing yourself should be your focus and that is what I have been doing all the time.