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CBitmapButton Focus problem.

Discussion in 'MFC' started by shobhit_ra, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. shobhit_ra

    shobhit_ra New Member

    Hello All.

    I am using a CBitmapButton on MFC Dialog based application.
    I have set OWNERDRAW property to true and Bitmap- false from Property window.
    I am setting the bitmapslike this-

    my_Bitmap.LoadBitmap(IDB_BMP1, IDB_BMP2, IDB_BMP3, IDB_BMP4);

    But the behavior is very unlikely.
    I guess first bitmap is for show, second when button is pushed, third when mouse goues over it and fourth when button is disabled.

    Am I write?
    Anyways Third bitmap is never working, When I move mouse cursor on the bitmapbutton it should load the focused bitmap, It is not doing anything.

    Any suggestions? SHould I use some extra code for this?

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