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Cashier Program

Discussion in 'Visual Basic ( VB )' started by hnaya, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. hnaya

    hnaya New Member

    Hi this is my first simple project for my school
    so I decided to show this program to the expert people in your website
    to give me advices and ideas how can I develop my project
    and make it more efficient and professional
    This is program using for super market as a Cashier which deal with Bar Code (using Visual basic 6)
    Enter the data :

    you can just fill the fields for Item and click save so
    the program will save the information in file( password for save is 11 )
    when you enter the Bar Code number the program show the product information
    example : Type number 1 in Item code
    it will show
    Milk , 0.350 kg , 0.300
    TO LOGING to program
    How to use :

    Step 1 : when u Enter the item code number for the item and Quantity
    of item Press Enter Button on the screen to be add to the Report
    Step 2 : Repeat step 1 for more than one item
    Step 3 : put Cash Received
    Step 4 : Click on Report button

    Designed by : ISHAQ

    Attached Files:

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  2. sendul

    sendul New Member


    i'll try it.....
  3. celeste1127

    celeste1127 New Member

    where is the link to the the program?
  4. jerjeron

    jerjeron New Member

    hahahahaha....read it its fun
  5. kristineislove

    kristineislove New Member

    i cant login :(
  6. cyb3rp4nda

    cyb3rp4nda New Member

    Man i wish i could find one of these in C++, do i have to compile it or?
  7. Semaj2010

    Semaj2010 New Member

    Where's the program Reply pls..
  8. shatta01

    shatta01 New Member

    i need this cashier program... please reply
  9. pattzi

    pattzi New Member

    I cant open that
  10. myfetouh

    myfetouh New Member

    how i can open the program?
  11. Scripting

    Scripting John Hoder

    Its not compiled ....
  12. anaya

    anaya New Member

    how to show your program?
  13. master'alijay

    master'alijay New Member

    what kind of software did u use to run this?
  14. Skilled

    Skilled New Member

    Omg thanks worked really well :D

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