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IT career advice/Basic Job Questions

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by mspatel724, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. mspatel724

    mspatel724 New Member

    Hey guys I am new to this site, so I would like to say hello to everyone here. So, the title was posted as job situation/IT career advice. I wanted to hear some people give me some advice on the IT career field.

    Background: I am currently a senior at a University in the US studying Economics and Mathematics. I know you are probably asking yourself why didn't I choose computer science, or at least Information Technology. Long story, and honestly at this point it doesn't even matter. I am trying to look forward not be stuck in the past about my decisions. I don't regret it, but if I could I would change the past knowing what I know now. Any way, so I have a position currently where I operate a small server for a real estate brokerage firm. The firm is quite small with 5-6 people in it. I got hired to do their marketing work on their website and to handle their Internet marketing in general. I still do that, I do run their websites and their general Internet marketing campaign. The website is run off SharePoint and I understand SharePoint a great deal because of this. Since, they found me so technical I started tinkering around with their server and learned many things that I did not know about Windows Server 2008. I know the basics, like distributing software to client PCs, and giving different group policies and such. I would say that I am semi computer savvy and understand most of the technical languages that go into computing. The one drawback I do have is that I lack programming skills. I have the basic concepts of programming, like sorting, arrays and ect., just lack the language skill. I am thinking about getting certified from Microsoft, Cisco, or Oracle so that I have a good foothold into the world without the Bachelors in CS. So, far I love learning about the extraordinary solutions that SharePoint and even other software packages bring to truly help businesses improve their workflow, and I love to be a part of a system like that.

    Questions: What is a good career path for me, database, networking, project management? What certifications are the best to get for each of the fields? Should I just knuckle up and learn programming? If so are their any recommendations to get started with objective programming like what are good compilers and what are some good script writing software packages that will help me learn the best? Most importantly I just want some feedback on the whole process in general and what I should do to really get the jobs like Web Developer, Net Admin, DBA, project manager ect.

    I want to hear from people in the field who have some sort of experience with different parts, from Project Managers to DBA, and Network Admins. Thank you for your time.
  2. mukeshsoftona

    mukeshsoftona Banned

    IT Fields is awesome and most growing in this day. so you can easily get job there if you have knowledge and speed in this fields. always updates with new techniques.........
  3. TechGeek

    TechGeek New Member

    This short 8 minute video is a great resource for job seekers in the IT industry! "How to Build Your Career in Information Technology," is a Q&A is conducted by Chris Pirillo and Chris Pitre.

    Video http://blog.modis.com/job-seekers/how-to-build-an-it-career/

    About Chris Pirillo: Thought leader, famous tech geek and social media enthusiast He has founded a number of projects such as Lockergnome, a well-known content publishing network, community for geeks and personal blog.

    About Idea: Technology solutions company that delivers multiple solutions for organizations across four major practice areas: infrastructure, application services, customer support and mobile communications.

    Where would you recommend someone start down that path of becoming an IT professional?
    Would your recommend becoming super specialized in one area, or well rounded?
    Does education end after the school day ends?
    How is mobility important for an IT professional?
    What are the needs and expectations of graduates entering the workforce in today’s market?
    In terms of getting the best job, where would one start?
    How can a graduate in IT build his/her personal brand?
  4. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Really nice one techgeek and I converted the link to clickable one.
  5. parker1234

    parker1234 Banned

    It is the most growing field and ever ending too as technology is upgrading at a very high speed.
  6. ravi01

    ravi01 New Member

    yes it field is most popular field in present time ..

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