Cannot access folder

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Today, I've executed command: "Cacls D:\temp /d everyone". Now I cannot access D:\temp. Help me! I use Windows XP Home and have administrator privileges.
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Did you try rebooting?
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I have one of the bad possible solution. Make a boot floppy and copy the content of the folder from temp to something else.
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Not a too bad solution :-) But then possibly some application is blocking the temp folder. I may have a worse here. It can be renamed to temp1 (on boot using a boootable floppy or on safemode) and let the PC boot up. Restart the PC again and then change the name back to temp.
Incase the PC refuses to boot up, the folder name can always be changed back to temp.
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Just reboot ur pc in safe mode & try to remove it
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try this
cacls D:\temp /P Administrator:F