Calling Java Class Function Directly from Html Page - Possible?

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Hello dear fellows,
I m new to Java programming but i know a bit basic of JSP, Java and web development.
I am creating a login page for an application designed over Three-Tier Approach.

For login or any other type of submission ive to first call a jsp page in the "action" and over that jsp page i had to creat a new java class object and call that function. and so for every frm ive , ive to make a different Jsp page

What i was wondering that is it possible that i could skip those Jsp pages in between which each have only 5-6 lines of code and they only route me to the src/java class.. can i directly call a Java method from my html page? is it possible?

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Yes if you can either make an Ajax call to some other page which has the class code or you can make an Applet.