[C# question] Deployment Problem. How to dynamically deploy dataSets/dataSources?

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hi all,
I (and my group) have a problem in deploying our final software product. We used C# (and .NET framework with Visual Studio 2005 IDE) plus using SQL Server Express Edition as our database. During the implementation, we decided to use dataSets and dataSources creation tool (instead of writing them by hand). We use these dataSets for communication
between our report generation module and the database.
My question is, how do you deploy dynamically these dataSets that we created using the VisualStudio interface? because at our client workstation (final deployment destination), it doesn't have visual studio, and it doesn't need to have that in order to run our software and talk to the installed SQL Server database.

If this question still sounds vague/unclear, I'll be glad to rephrase it or even to clarify it. (I'll be happily provide some screenshots or code snippets if this question doesn't make sense).
Thank you in advance for your help.
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If I understand correctly you dont need the Visual studio but you only need the correct framework/Dll's and everything should work fine.