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I have one simple query in C:

I have a file which has many name-value parameters like
path=(some path name)
Also there are some name-value parameters which are commented like
#section=some section

the problem is i want to check for these values which are NOT commented and display those which are missing in the file and leave the commented ones(hashed ones) just like that. these name-value parameters should be there in a file and hence are fixed in that file...

Wat i thought was to store the only name say prashanth in a char array and read the file line by line (using fgets) and get the name part from the file by delimiting it to '=' and compare it with the char array . If it returns 0 the update a int array which stores some values say 0 before , update it to 1 if the compare is 0.

Can u suggest any other way or correct me where i am wrong .

if code is given i would be greatful

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Duplicate of C query. Thread closed.