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Hello friends..

I am new to go4expert.

I am doing my studies so i need some help in C programming and would to help others with having solutions to the C programming...

So i just wanted to ask you all that i have some around 15-20 programs to which i need solutions..

So can i post a text file having all the programs in it.
or what is the procedure...??

Thanks and regards,
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No we would not do your programs but if you are stuck at some point we can help you get it done by some methods which have worked for some of us.
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but shabbir bhai i just need the logic behind it.
that's all and nothing else..!!
please help..
i need it urgently...!!
exams near..!!
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Probably help with one program will be useful on others, so open a new thread with ONE of the programs, stating clearly what the problem is, what the program is supposed to do, what it does wrong, what input you gave and what output you got. When you've solved the first program, see if you can solve the second program's problems, and if not post a new thread. Your skills will accumulate in this way and you may find you don't need to post all the programs.

If it's just logic you need (i.e. algorithm design) then the same applies; post what you've got so far and where you're stuck. Algorithm design is part of programming. A useful tip is to solve the problem yourself on paper a few times and use the approach you took to design an algorithm for the computer to follow.

Shabbir's right though; this isn't a homework service and these problems are yours to solve. They are yours to solve for a good reason, which is that programming is a skill learnt by doing. not by looking at someone else's completed code samples.

> exams near..!!

Well, that's not really our problem is it? Why have you left it until now to post the problems? Have you only just received the assignments? If so then maybe pressure is part of the course and - hey - maybe you're not actually expected to solve all the problems and perhaps they want to see how you perform when you've got too much work to do. The approach I've successfully used in the past (within a professional environment) is to say "I've got X hours to do this; the programs will take X+N hours to complete; here's an itemised list of what takes how long, so which bits don't you want?".
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Thought you needed answers urgently...