C programme pls help

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Hello All,

I just want to ask what this programme does. Actually i know what it does, i just wanna know the exact operation of it.
              char *u ;		//declare the string
              char k;
              unsigned int x; // declare integer
              int i;      
              u = " University " ;
              k = u[0];
ASC0_uwGetData() ;		//wait to get data
x = ASC0_uwGetData() ;	//get character to the variable


  	for(i=0;k!=0; i++)		// Read-dynamic way

		k =u[i] ;
		while(ASC0_ubTxBufFree() == 0) {}	//wait untill buffer is not busy
		ASC0_vSendData(k);	//send Data


OK what i dont get is the for loop. what does it do exactly with the string(z=p[i])? Is it trying to read the word using the dynamic way? How does it do that?
The programme is supposed to read the u character when its pressed from the keyboard and the extract the word university.. I know its very simple but i'm a beginner...so pls help me!!!!

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The loop reads the word, one letter at a time, until it reaches the end of the word.