C - Use a Pointer array in parameter function (strange result)

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hi a have this code

#include <stdio.h>
FILE * open_file(char *file);
int read_file(FILE *p_File,char *parameter[]);
int close_file(FILE *p_File);
int main (){
    FILE *p_file;
    int ret;
    int i=0;
    char *p_array[100];
        printf ("value in main : %s \n", *(p_array+i));
    return 0;
//read a file and fill a array of pointer
int read_file(FILE *p_File, char *p_Line[]){
    int i = 0;
    char p_use[100];
    if (p_File == NULL){
    while(fgets(p_use,100,p_File)) {
        *(p_Line + i) = p_use;
        printf ("value in read_file : %s \n",*(p_Line + i));
    return 0;
//open a file
FILE * open_file(char *p_Arch){
    FILE *p_File;
    if (p_File == NULL)
        fprintf(stderr, "%s \n", "Erro open file");
        return NULL;
    return p_File;
//close a file
int close_file(FILE *p_File){
    if (fclose (p_File) != 0)
        fprintf(stderr, "%s \n", "Error close file");
        return 1;
    return 0;
the problem is this, if a run this code the result is

value in read_file : host =
value in read_file : port 5502
value in read_file : user = usr
value in read_file : pass = password
value in read_file : aaaa
value in read_file : bbb
value in read_file : .
value in read_file :
value in read_file : ccccccc
value in main : ccccccc
value in main : ccccccc

and the cuestion is this...

For that when I execute it like appears here the result of "value in main" is the same for several time and not show me the result like "value in read_file"

and when comment the line

printf ("value in read_file : %s \n",*(p_Line + i));

the result is

value in main : ������h&��`��[H�� (��8[��
value in main : ������h&��`��[H�� (��8[��

pd: i new in C

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