C/Linux/VxWorks Software Engineer - Toronto

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We are looking for an experienced C developer to port code from VxWorks over to Linux. The candidate must have proven Linux expertise and VxWorks experience. This is a 6 months contract basis with renewal option at the end.

This job is located in the Toronto area (Mississauga). The candidate must currently be in the Toronto area.

This postion needs to be filled asap.
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I am an experienced C/C++ & RTOS(VxWorks) software engineer who is ideally suited for the above position. Is the job filled as of today (09/09/07).?

A response will be much appreciated.

Rosemary Alles
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Rosemary, unfortunately the job was filled just this past week. If you would like to send me a copy of you resume and even come in and meet with me, we have jobs like this all the time.

You contact me at belangerj at talgroup dot net

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any opening for ce 2007