'C' language books problem plz help me expert

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Hello frnds,
i know basic of C language,I read that frm YKanetkur' Let us C, i worked on turbo C compiler(16 bit) on win plateform,
i see many program written in C on net those were brute Force, ipspoofing tool nd pass decryption tool etc,
but when i saw those source code,
that was not understandble by me. Many thing i never saw nd read in book.
I know my knowledge is very short (I m in learning phase. I m student).
So i want to learn the C language on advance level with which i can make my tool itself,
so plz provide me some suggestion as which compiler should i use(4 winxp sp2) nd which books will be best,
if u will provide any e-book for me then it will be very apreciated,
special for Mr. Shabir whom provide the hacking resource those were so good,
plz give we suggestion.
sory for my english.
Waiting of all ur answer
Thank you.
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The complexity of c program you can write depends on dynamism of your thought processes. In C like any other prog lang, you need to learn syntax and semantics, then the use of different header files. And you start thinking. 'Learn c in 21 days by o'reily' is ok. You can google it also.
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Also you can learn from those programs you cannot currently understand. Look carefully at them, dry run them in your head, take samples of the code and build them into a small program so you can step through it with a debugger. Also start writing programs of your own, or at least attempting to. You can learn a lot that way. You _cannot_ learn advanced programming just by reading a book; this is only something you can pick up by doing it.

And get off 16-bit Windows. Use 32-bit and get a modern compiler with a good debugger. Use gcc and gdb if you don't want to use the Microsoft tools.
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Thank you very very much my friends for this appreciated suggestion,
Thanks again,
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Learning material
u can use online materials like provided by cplusplus.com

try using Dev-C++ from BloodShed instead of turbo c
i used it..
u can get it from
it is around 7.5 mb of download..
all the best
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Is it 32 bit compiler