We can do in C but not in C++

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Any body can tell me the answer for this question.The question is " We can do in C program but not in C++ program.what is that?".It was in my software test paper.I couldn't able to answer that question.So please help me...
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Also regarding your query. Something you cannot do in C++ but in C

void *ptr1;
long *ptr2 = ptr1;

Also you can try compiling this in C it will but not in C++
 int main()
    int class = 0;
    int template = 4;
    class += template;
Also have this link as in interview you have been asked probably this question.

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i m really weak with pointers can you suggest some good books
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got it
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in cpp we can usr reference variables..but in c not...
search on reference variable for more.....