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I have a macro that looks like:


#define OSAPICALL(osapifunc) (osapifunc)
#include "..\os\vcsupport\include\vcintegrityosstubs.h"
#define OSAPICALL(osapifunc) (stub_##osapifunc)

when I use the macro as follows:
eErr = OSAPICALL( Function1(a, b, &c) );

It has no problem on expanding, however when I try to use the macro inside the first macro as follows:

eErr = OSAPICALL( Function2(
OSAPICALL( Function3() ),
&c) );

I get a compilation error, saying that OSAPICALL is not defined

If I dont define STUB_OS_API_CALLS the Macro works just fine using the two statements shown above.

Can anybody please help me discovering why I can't do this macro when defining STUB_OS_API_CALLS?
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Please provide the prompted error