C code to extract data from text file

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I am at level 0 of knowledge about C language and I need to write some code. I am hoping that someone can at least point me into the wright direction.

I need to be able to extract some data from a text file. It is basically two columns of numbers that I need to extract and create a text file with these two columns, comma delimited. There's a bunch of other information in the text file that I don't need.

It's not something that can be easily done in excell, so I decided to see if I can make some code that will do this for me.

I know that this is probably very easy to someone that knows how to program. I took a Java class couple of years ago, but have not written any code.

any help apreciated.
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Try not to post the same question twice. Imagine how we mentally qualify you when you do that. It isn't pretty.
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Duplicate of C code to extract data from text file. Thread closed.