C calc problem

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#include <stdio.h>
int main()
int letter;
printf("Vyber si + alebo - alebo * alebo 2(druha mocnina): ");
letter = getchar();
	if(letter == '+'){
		float sucet, citatel, menovatel;
			printf("Zadaj scitanec: ");
			scanf("%g", &citatel);
			printf("Zadaj scitanec: ");
			scanf("%g", &menovatel);
			sucet = citatel + menovatel;
			printf("Vysledok je: %g\n", sucet);
			return 0;
	else if(letter == '-'){
		float rozdiel, odcitatel, odcitanec;
			printf("Zadaj odcitatel: ");
			scanf("%g", &odcitatel);
			printf("Zadaj odcitanec: ");
			scanf("%g", &odcitanec);
			rozdiel = odcitatel - odcitanec;
			printf("Vysledok je %g\n", rozdiel);
	return 0;
	else if(letter == '*'){
		float nasobok1, nasobok2, sucin;
			printf("Zadaj prvy nasobok: ");
			scanf("%g", &nasobok1);
			printf("Zadaj druhy nasobok: ");
			scanf("%g", &nasobok2);
			sucin = nasobok1 * nasobok2;
			printf("Vysledok je %g\n", sucin);
	return 0;
	else if(letter == '2'){
		int hovno;
		printf("Chcete vediet konkretnu mocninu(2) alebo tabulku od x po 100?(t) ");
		hovno = getchar();
			if(hovno == 't'){
				printf("\nsi pako\n");
				return 0;
			else if(hovno == '5'){
				float mocnitel, vysledok;
				printf("Zadaj mocnitel: ");
				scanf("%g", &mocnitel);
				vysledok = mocnitel * mocnitel;
				printf("Vysledok je %g\n", vysledok);
				return 0;
	return 0;
	else {
		printf("Zadaj jeden zo znakov ktore su napisane vo vete!!\n");

I'm writing this C calc and I wanted to do something like this: You get a possibility to select + or - or * or 2(power of 2). And then I started to write code that when you press 2, then you have posibillity to again select something. But this I cannot do(program doesn't give me any possibility and it just continue to printf). I've been looking over Internet but I cannot find anything about my problem. Red marked code is probably the problem
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Duplicate of C calc problem. Thread closed.